Solar Energy Systems (SES)

Solar Energy Systems

With our deep commitment to sustainability and green energy solutions, we at Yiğit İnşaat are proud to announce our new investment in Solar Energy Systems (SES). This new addition to our service portfolio demonstrates our resolve to utilize renewable energy sources and adopt sustainable practices. By integrating SES, we do more than contribute to a greener, more sustainable future; we also offer our customers innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Particularly, our Solar Energy Panel Field in Denizli Çivril stands as one of our most significant investments in this area. This solar energy plant, with a capacity of approximately 1 MW and utilizing 1800 solar panels, marks a new era in renewable energy production. This plant not only supports environmental sustainability but also enables us to meet a significant portion of our energy needs from renewable sources. At Yiğit İnşaat, we value such investments to meet the future energy needs and fulfill our environmental responsibilities.

Denizli SES

Our solar energy plant in Denizli Çivril is of strategic importance in terms of contributing to both the regional economy and the environment. Through this facility, we invest in sustainable energy sources, building an eco-friendly future and maximizing the economic benefits of renewable energy. As Yiğit İnşaat, we aim to be pioneers in the green transformation of the energy sector, and this plant is a significant step towards this goal.

he Solar Energy Panel Field in Denizli Çivril serves as a model not only in energy production but also in environmental impact and sustainability. This project stands out as a concrete manifestation of Yiğit İnşaat innovative approach and commitment to a sustainable future.

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