Ready Mixed Concrete

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Yigit Concrete

Located in the Fethiye district of Muğla, alongside Karagedik and Taş Ocağı, as well as in the Seydikemer district and the province of Antalya, our company boasts four ready-mix concrete plants equipped with advanced technology, reinforcing our leading position in the industry. Our Karagedik facility has a capacity of 120 m³, while the Taş Ocağı, Seydikemer, and Antalya facilities each have a capacity of 140 m³. Through these four establishments, Yiğit Beton is able to meet the needs of the construction sector with high standards, providing a total hourly production capacity of 540 m³ and a daily output of 2,600 m³.

Ready-mixed concrete, which is obtained by mixing the materials combined in the desired proportions with computer-controlled systems in the ready-mixed concrete batching plant and delivered to the consumer as ‘fresh concrete’, is called ‘Ready-Mixed Concrete’. The main factor that distinguishes ready-mixed concrete from concrete prepared by mixing manually or with a concrete mixer at the construction site is that ready-mixed concrete is produced in modern facilities under computer control. Preparation of the mixture with computer control prevents problems that may arise from the mixture.

TSE Compliant Ready Mixed Concrete

The qualities that the ready-mixed concrete user will look for in ready-mixed concrete are included in TS EN 206-1 and TS EN 706 standards. Ready-mixed concrete production takes place in two different ways according to whether water metering and mixing operations are carried out in the batching plant or in the transit mixer:

Solutions According to Your Needs

  • Wet-mixed concrete
  • Dry mix concrete


Dry-mixed ready-mixed concrete is ready-mixed concrete whose aggregate and cement are measured in the ready-mixed concrete plant and mixed in the plant or transit mixer, and whose water and chemical additives, if any, are measured and mixed at the delivery site of the work. The opposite of this situation, that is, the concrete resulting from mixing the whole mixture in the plant or transit mixer and delivering it to the consumer ready for use is called wet-mixed concrete.

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