Quality Management Policy

Anasayfa Quality Management Policy

Quality Management Policy

Our company accepts as a principle to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers at the highest level as well as to meet the requirements of the environment, health, safety and other legal regulations of the concrete produced and all other working activities and to maintain and increase the reputation it has gained so far.

Continuous Improvement

In order to realize this principle continuously, it considers it compulsory to produce the targeted QUALITY above the specifications stipulated by the product standards and to ensure the continuity of QUALITY.

Our company, which offers the products it produces to the customer personally, considers providing and increasing the quality of life related to human health and environment as well as product and service quality as a target for full customer satisfaction and undertakes to increase the effectiveness of QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Management Systems with CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in order to achieve this goal.


Our company recognizes that QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY effectiveness and efficiency will be increased with the participation of all employees and that TRAINING is an indispensable element for this purpose. It also ensures that all relevant parties are made aware of these issues.

Prevention of Pollution

As a requirement of its civilization and awareness of its responsibility towards the society, our Company accepts it as a duty to prevent pollution, reduce waste and recycle it to the economy as much as possible, and to use natural resources and energy economically.

Occupational Health and Safety

By prioritizing the health and safety of its employees and relevant parties during work activities, our company takes appropriate measures against the identified WORK AND SAFETY RISKS and is committed to approaching the goal of zero accidents.

Leaving our children, who are the guarantee of our future, quality creations and a clean environment to live in is the task of each and every one of us.

It considers it necessary to follow and apply modern technology to continuously improve the efficiency of QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY in serving products and work activities.